Public Batting Cages

$1.00 - 15 pitches

40 mph Slow Pitch Softball

40/55/70 mph Baseball Speeds to chose from.

No appointments needed.  Rotate turns.  

10309 E 61st Street  Tulsa, OK  74133   Ph - 918-459-0399 

All Star Sports Complex 


With / Without Machine        $20/hour        One Cage

                                                     $35/hour        Two Cages

                                                     $45/hour        Three Cages


A  $0.69 customer service charge is applied to all store sales.

As an incentive for customers we now provide a discount to pay with cash or in-store gift card by giving a $0.69 immediate discount on service charge.


  •  ALL Cage Rental bookings are made on a pre-payment basis only.  ALL credit card payments will have a $0.69 customer service charge applied.
  •  ALL Cancellations not made 24 hours in advance will result in 

                                                forfeiture of payment.                

Annual Baseball Camps

Subject to Change.

June & July - Summer Camps

For more information click on the Baseball Camp Tab.


Camps conducted at All Star Sports Complex will be designed to help each individual understand and put into use the basic fundamentals to improve his or her overall performance.  This enhanced performance will result in improved on-field competition and will provide the needed confidence for each youngster to enjoy his or her participation in the game.

Our instructors will be able to improve and enhance each individual's performance, whether it is the beginning novice or the semi-advanced player.  Our goal is to insure each youngster, regardless of the level of experience, receives the necessary guidance to improve at every stage of instruction.  

All our instructors are excited and ready to begin a structured method of instruction in order to start the process of eliminating bad habits.  We will strive to make the pupil aware of how to make adjustments by themselves during the game situations, so they may gain more satisfaction and enjoyment from their efforts on the playing field.


**To make sure that all youngsters with the desire to play baseball are given the proper fundamental coaching and instruction.  

**To make sure that all youngsters have a positive experience during their participation in baseball.  

** To provide an environment for baseball in the Tulsa area that thrives on cooperation of leagues despite affiliation.  

** To make sure that the players involved with baseball are the main focal point.

**To make sure that truly talented baseball players in our area have the opportunity to compete more regularly at an advanced level, and that everything is done to ensure timely exposure to the right evaluators of the next level.